Our Experience

LRF is the business development arm of a federally recognized Native American Indian Tribe.

Why Us?

We have assembled a team of B2C financial savants offering state-of-the-art consumer finance loan products in combination with integrity, honesty, and community service.



We enable capital to collaborate with LRF to deliver a broad range of creative consumer loan products to the world.  

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Tribal Lenders Unite with Capital & Expertise

We link federally recognized Native American Indian tribes with capital enriched, experienced, Online installment, line-of-credit, kiosk/ATM, payday loan and title loan lenders.

We are a conduit;  literally a network of B2C financial services experts.

Our executives have 60+ combined years in providing capital, risk and underwriting analysis, banking relationships, asset protection, certified public accounting expertise, portfolio management, customer acquisition [CAC] strategies, and the implementation of state of the art technology including artificial intelligence to achieve superlative key performance metrics [KPI’s] resulting in unrivaled ROI’s for all parties participating in these collaborations.

The typical scenario is for a family office, an entrepreneur(s)… to provide their capital and consumer lending expertise in partnership with a federally-recognized Native American Indian tribe to enable the Online Tribal Lending Enterprise [TLE] to ensure that the tens of millions of financially challenged USA consumers existing today have access to a multitude of financial solutions, consumer protections, quality services, and positive interactions with their lender.

This collaborative scenario guarantees industry ‘Best Practices” are incorporated into the consumer loan process while simultaneously achieving a resonable return on investment for the servicer/marketer thus delivering jobs, financial independence, and extraordinary economic and sustainability benefits to Native American reservations; reservations that until the development of these new technologies continue to experience high unemployment, poor health, and little to zero access to education!

We assist both parties in negotiating agreements through joint participation ventures with specific attention to providing protection under the aegis of sovereign immunity.


  • A PRIVATE & EXTENSIVE network of tribes, lenders, executives, servicer/marketers, 3rd party vendors  and capital capable of providing a suite of services that, when partnered in a holistic alliance, achieve exraordinary IRR [internel rate of return] and ROI [return of invstment] for all parties.


  • General Counsel – Consumer Lending: has extensive expertise specializing in servicing U.S. and international Online and state-by-state licensed B2C balance sheet lenders including portfolio decisioning, loan origination, prepaid card and merchant payment processing implementations, and internet lead generation marketing and oversight.

  • Biz Dev., Analytics & Risk Consumer Loan Executive: 10+ years identifying, implementing and providing oversight for tribes, state-by-state, offshore, bank and marketer/servicer frameworks for credit risk/policies/loan contracts/underwriting and implementation of new technologies.

  • IT Consumer Loan Executive: Highly experienced consumer loan professional focused on developing/integrating SAAS platforms for scaling loan portfolios, developing, implementing and improving key performance indicator [KPI] loan portfolio business growth metrics while achieving superior ROI’s for Tribal Lending Entities [TLE’s] and servicer/marketers.

  • Asset Protection Atty: B2C consumer lending is highly contiguous. Our team offers access to a highly experienced reservoir of experience and expertise in taking steps to place your assets beyond the reach of frivolous lawsuits or worse. Properly designed asset protection plans provide buffers between your wealth and any claims. Our asset protection strategies suffocate frivolous lawsuits before being filed and create sufficient leverage to negotiate a reasonable settlement should the need  ever occur.

  • CPA Executive: A credentialed executive having a profound repository of tax minimization and wealth preservation strategies available to entrepreneurs participating in the consumer lending space. 

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Contact: LeaningRockFinance.com  

Tribal Lender Joint Venture Native American Indian tribes + capital, experience, Online lenders.

  • Tribes + $$ + Experience = Prosperity